Added Value

The following Avobis Added Values make investing in this vehicle an exciting and sensible alternative to other well-known residential real estate investment vehicles.

Experienced Team

The Avobis Group has been successfully active in the Swiss real estate market for over 25 years. On a daily basis, over 350 employees look after real estate exclusively, thus offering our clientele a unique team that is highly experienced in all real estate matters. 15 locations all over Switzerland ensure that we feel at home in every region of the country.

Sourcing capacity

The Avobis Group has a network built up over decades for sourcing properties of all types. Our management is actively involved in the day-to-day running of the company and, together with our 300+ employees, we have a unique network in the Swiss property market.
In an ordinary year, we are offered properties worth well over CHF 20 billion for sale. We thus have an exceptional and long-standing network with all types of property sellers and can thus ensure that our funds always have an attractive acquisition pipeline.


As a Swiss SME, we maintain an entrepreneurial approach across all levels of the Avobis Group, ensuring close personal support of the fund and its investors.


The Avobis Group originally started out in the real estate financing business and has long experience and a unique network for financing real estate. This enables us to actively and positively influence the fund’s performance through financing terms and hedging. Avobis finances and brokers a volume of around CHF 3 billion every year and manages mortgages of around CHF 12 billion in volume.

Due diligence approach and data analysis tools

Our fund team applies the traditional due diligence process in a professional fashion and with a great deal of expertise. In addition, as an SME provider of real estate and investment services, we foster a “hands-on due diligence” approach in which we go further than our competitors in assessing properties. Avobis Group is a data pioneer in the Swiss property market and has innovative tools and algorithms to support traditional due diligence. This means that we’re able to anticipate tomorrow’s trends and risks today and to align our investment decisions accordingly. Our “in-house data professionals” are called in at an early stage of the property appraisal process and also back up our investment decisions via advanced, internal and data-based tools and algorithms for real estate market analysis.


Avobis does not engage in “greenwashing” – our focus is on the integrated and objective measurability of sustainability criteria. There are also advantages in the composition of our portfolio compared to funds that have been on the market for a long time: Our real estate portfolio is being built up under “fresh” perspectives in the field of sustainability, and with a view to measurable ESG criteria. In this way, we’re well prepared for expected new legislation in these areas and, by adopting a forward-looking stance, we can ensure more sustainable returns, (more) cost-efficient compliance and timely implementation of new regulations.


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