Marketing and Sales

Initial letting and selling

You’d like satisfied tenants, a zero vacancy rate and a reasonable return?
This is where our marketing team can help you: our experts can recognise your property’s potential and win over the clients you want.

Your benefits

Real estate experience

Avobis project managers have at least ten years of real estate experience and are familiar with every facet of the business – from marketing to selling to initial letting.

Real estate expertise

Our project managers have been self-employed, have worked for major investors or bring extensive expertise from real estate SMEs.


Our specialists recognise the potential of building land, development projects, real estate and building projects and successfully complete projects.

Property sales services

  • Analyses (competition, market, property, potential, location)
  • Advice
  • Assessment of purchase/sales offers
  • Marketing concepts
  • Selling

Area of activity

  • Building land
  • Development projects
  • Retail trade
  • Residential property promotions
  • Investment properties

Initial letting services

  • Analyses (competition, market, property, potential and location)
  • Advice (project development)
  • Initial letting (marketing, advising interested parties)
  • Neighbourhood development (marketing)
  • Marketing concepts

Area of activity

  • Mixed-use properties
  • Commercial properties
  • Large developments
  • Residential properties

Analysis: What prospects does your property have?

Avobis analyses the market, the competition, the location, the property and its potential and gives you a realistic assessment of the odds and risks.

Valuation: How much is your property worth?

Avobis focuses on the marketing of real estate and relies on independent specialists to assess the market value. Valuing a property.

Project development: What does the right proposal look like?

Avobis knows how great the demand for real estate is: our market analysis shows the earnings potential and the optimisation possibilities for the proposal and mix of flats.

Marketing concept: How are you presenting your property?

Avobis identifies what’s special about your property, stages the USP and in this way can win over your target group. Because after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Initial letting and re-letting: How do you find the right tenants?

Avobis is committed to finding tenants for your property. On the basis of floor plans. Or with viewings of new builds or renovations.

Selling: What’s the best way to sell your property?

Avobis prepares documentation, conducts viewings, assesses purchase offers and finds investors. This reduces your costs and increases your profit.


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